Enhanced Titanium with intelligent high-precision electro-mechanical functions.

Intelligent and connected titanium

With MISTIC’s new disruptive technology.

Our unrivaled patented technology integrates complex electronic functionalities into titanium, thus transcending its traditional use and opening up new and safer opportunities for patients, medical professionals, and the healthcare industry.

Enabling Smaller, Smarter, Cost-Efficient, and more performant AIMDs.

Optimal miniaturization is finally attainable thanks to the design of electronic and mechanical titanium-based components.

Titanium-based functionalized components lend themselves to simplified industrial processes for each customer regarding integration and automation, with significant cost savings.

MISTIC Titanium micro-engineering replaces conventional machining & multiple subcomponent assemblies, thus eliminating industrial wastes, reducing the customer supply chain, and eventually having a meaningful ecological impact.

Pushing the boundaries of titanium and aImds

We are enabling miniaturization on an unprecedented scale.

A whole new level of miniaturization for better healthcare.

Thanks to our expertise in the functionalization of titanium, we are enabling the miniaturization of electromechanical components, leading to significantly more patient-oriented AIMDs with enhanced connectivity and less invasive surgical procedures.

We are transferring 60 years of silicon wafer technologies to bulk titanium substrates.

Thanks to our patented technology, we can manufacture all titanium-based parts with unrivaled tolerances. Moreover, the batch fabrication inherent to the semiconductor processes enables the parallel and simultaneous manufacturing of components with various designs. The time to market is notably shortened with minimized trial & error iterations for our clients.

MISTIC opens a new world of opportunities for developing your devices, supporting your miniaturization and integration efforts with optimized architectures thanks to our expertise in AIMD.

“By supplying smart, innovative components and solutions, our talented experts are fully involved in developing this unique DeepTech to offer unprecedented miniaturization and industrial excellence to titanium-based device manufacturers.
We are engaged and particularly committed to revolutionizing the active implantable device architectures to improve tomorrow’s healthcare.”

Bertrand Boutaud – CEO

MISTIC works with start-ups, research centers, and global leaders in their AIMD transformation, from the product design phase to final production, by supporting the device architecture changes and accompanying the integration technologies.

To grow its technological expertise and R&D efforts, MISTIC has partnered with leading specialists in the MEMS field in France, such as C2N, GREMI Laboratory, CERTeM, and ESIEE Paris.

MISTIC’S unique expertise and technology

Knowledge, experience, and vision.

Our team’s expertise

We are empowering excellence with our DeepTech expertise.
MISTIC’s team comprises talented professionals committed to changing the status quo. Thanks to their research and commitment, they are moving the lines of what’s currently possible to improve healthcare and medicine.

With transversal fields of expertise:






Software Development

Test methods & Reliability

Our disruptive technology

Titanium has many outstanding advantages: it is lightweight and durable, provides high tensile strength, and is renowned for its long-term biocompatibility.
It is, therefore, widely and unanimously deployed for the housings of active implantable medical devices to ensure the hermetic encapsulation of components like batteries and electronics.

MISTIC has developed a technology enabling mechanical and electronic components to be embedded into such titanium housings, expanding the range of possibilities and allowing miniaturization of the devices.


Founded in 2016, MISTIC – the name stands for “Micro Structuration of Titanium for Innovative Components” – was initially the name of an R&D project headed since the early 2010s by Bertrand Boutaud in the AIMD industry – which was finally spun off into the start-up MISTIC.

MISTIC was then incubated at Agoranov in February 2017.

In 2018, MISTIC set up its pilot production line in ESIEE Paris’ clean rooms to transfer and industrialize the technology developed with its academic partners. As a pioneer in transposing micro and nanomanufacturing technologies to titanium substrates, MISTIC holds two patents for its innovative disruptive technology.

Today, the company works with start-ups as well as research centers and global players in the miniaturization and optimization of medical devices.

Well established in the medical market, MISTIC is also targeting markets likely to benefit from such microengineered components, like the watchmaking, aircraft, or mobile phone industries.